Coin sets

Coin sets make an ideal gift for any occasion

Coin sets have historically been the ideal gift for any occasion because they are valuable and annual coin sets are the staple of any coin collection. Collect a piece of history by purchasing uncirculated coin sets and silver proof sets that commemorate the history of our Nation along with the heritage of coinage.

American coin treasures coin sets can be given as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or any occasion that requires a special gift that can be appreciated for a lifetime. Whether you’re a serious collector looking for high quality unique coin sets, someone interested in starting their collection, or a smart investor that knows the value in coin sets, you will find a large selection of rare coin sets at competitive prices here at American Coin Treasures.

The coin sets are displayed in elegant display boxes or mounted in handsome frames that can be admired from any part of your house or office. We carry an extensive collection of coin sets that have made us the number one source of coin gifts online including boxed sets, framed Items, New York Times collections, portfolios, treasure chests, U.S. proof sets and mint sets.

Founded in the mid 1980s, American Coin Treasures has become one of the largest coin dealers in the United States. Because of their large buying power and creativity, American coin treasures has also tapped into the jewelry market by creating and manufacturing its own line of unique, collectible coin jewelry. You can shop with confidence knowing our site is your number one trusted source for coin sets.