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Coin collecting is an old hobby that has been passed down from generation to generation since the early 1930s. There are many of reasons to collect coins. It is one of the few hobbies that people can partake in from the time they are children until they become elderly. Millions of coin collectors would agree that it is indeed a worthwhile hobby.

Some people collect coins in the hope that one day their hobby will make them rich. Some people have valuable collections because they have paid extra attention to coins made of silver and gold. Others focus on coins that are rare. With each passing year the price of a coin might slightly increase over time. Some people store coins that they will one day put toward their grand children�s college tuition. Others hope that their coins will help to fund retirement. There are also people who collect coins in the hopes of turning over a fast profit in the case of an emergency.

Some collectors are in the business simply to gain knowledge. For instance, the Gold Eagle coin was last used in circulation in the early 1930s. Many people love to collect the replicas so that they can remember history. These coins are symbolic of history and all that has happened in the country. Coins help us to feel like we have stepped back in time. Holding a genuinely old coin, or even a replica, provides us with an astonishing glance into the past. Each coin tells us a unique story. Each coin has a unique design. What some people find to be truly spectacular is that each coin has a unique condition. Every mark on a coin has occurred throughout time; each one marks an event throughout history.

Some people just really enjoy the way coins look and want to hold on to them. Many coin collectors display their treasures in cases on their walls. Others share their items with friends online. Some people enjoy being surrounded by the coins they have spent years collecting; many would associate coins with specific memories, people and places in their lives. Whether you choose to collect American Gold Eagle coins or even foreign currency, you are making a decision to collect a significant part of our world�s history. Buying coins online or at the swap meet is a great way to start.