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Indian Penny One Cent Coin Lapis Glass Beaded Feather Fish Hook Earrings Gold Layered Hummingbird Coin Goldtone Art Deco Earrings With Black Stone Gold Layered Butterfly Coin Goldtone Art Deco Earrings With Black Stone
Amethyst Point Nugget Earrings Citrine Point Nugget Earrings Tourmaline Point Nugget Earrings
Crystal Quartz Point Nugget Earrings Buffalo Nickel Turquoise Coin Earrings Coin Jewelry Dream Catcher Buffalo Nickel Post Earrings
Angel Coin Crystal Chandelier Earrings 100 Year Old Indian Head Penny Feather Silvertone Earrings Coppertone Indian Head Cent Chandelier Earrings
Buffalo Nickel Silvertone Feather Earrings 100 Year Old Indian Head Penny Feather Goldtone Earrings Mercury Dime Coin Goldtone Art Deco Earrings With Black Stone
Gold Layered 3 Pence Coin Goldtone Art Deco Earrings With Black Stone Italian 50 Lire Coin Goldtone Art Deco Earrings With Black Stone Mercury Dime Crystal Drop Earrings
Butterfly Silvertone Earrings Hummingbird Silvertone Earrings Thrush Bird Silvertone Earrings
Barber Dime Coin Goldtone Art Deco Earrings With Black Stone Silver Mercury Dime Silvertone Earrings 3 Pence Silvertone Earrings
Gold Layered Irish Half Penny Goldtone Earrings Angel Coin Crystal Gold Tone Earrings and Pendant Boxed Gift Set Silver Barber Dime Silvertone Earrings
Buffalo Nickel Dreamcatcher Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Boxed Gift Set
Women�s earrings are one of the most noticeable accessories. Whether you are on a job interview, a first date or going out for an anniversary dinner, your earrings are going to give other people an impression about you. Some earrings look professional, some are wacky and some are just fun. Every accessory you wear sends a message.

Stud earrings are one of the most common types but wearing them can make you feel confident. Studs require confidence because they attract a lot of attention to the lobe. At the same time they manage to be one of the most conservative choices available because they are practical yet professional. Earrings that dangle are feminine and communicative. Chandelier earrings can be elegant, sophisticated and alluring. These earrings are great for an evening out. Hoop earrings have been popular for quite some time, and there is a reason for that. They are very loud and show that you enjoy standing out among a crowd. The larger the hoop the riskier they can appear. Cuff earrings, on the other hand, show that you are practical.

Deciphering earrings also comes down to the materials, color and size. Gold earrings are meant to impress whereas silver is a more subdued version. Silver is impressive without going over the top, giving the impression that you are confident without intending to display it. When it comes to women�s earrings you can also interpret colors. Flashy, loud colors can turn heads whereas white and pearl earrings send the message of innocence.

Of course it is also important to pay attention to the content of the earring. Plenty of earrings have charms. If the earring has an animal, that is the big clue as to the wearer�s personality. A birth stone can provide information about your birthday.

Some women choose earrings that match their wardrobes and accessories though many women wear earrings just because they like them. Women will choose their earrings based on occasion and who they will come into contact with. No matter where you are going it is important to wear what makes you feel good about yourself. Your own confidence will shine through any outfit.