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Gold Dollar  Indian Head $2.50 Gold Piece Saint Gaudens $20 Double Eagle Gold Piece
Gold Dollar�
Our Price: $674.99
American Coin Treasures is an excellent resource for hobbyists and collectors of rare coins. We are constantly updating our inventory with some of the best coins available. It�s definitely a good place to start if you believe a loved one would make a great collector. Gift them with a pair of old gold coins. Or give one to a child or grandchild and share with them the history behind valuable coins. Get them off to a running start with the Kid�s Treasure Chest. It�s filled with replicas of foreign coins and doubloons, a skull and crossbones necklace, plastic gems and a map.

American Coin has an amazing library called The New York Times Collections. These affordable items are a fantastic place to start if your coin collector is also a fan of history. Imagine two coins and six postage stamps from 1941 alongside a replica of The New York Times front page announcing the attack on Pear Harbor. All ready for display in a unique, patriotic 6x8 portfolio. All for less than $30!

For the Titanic historian, get a reproduction of the Times� report of the great ship�s sinking along with a copy of a distress telegraph the crew sent out that unforgettable night to the White Star Liner Olympic. It comes with four genuine U.S. minted coins from 1912: a Liberty Head Nickel, a Silver Barber Quarter, a Silver Barber Dime and a Lincoln Wheat Ear Penny. One of the most infamous disasters of the 20th century recorded respectfully in a striking blue portfolio.

Among other impressive collections American Coin offers, there�s the 10 Years of Liberty Nickels and 10 Years of Buffalo Nickels. Commemorate the 40th anniversary of man�s first step on the moon with a protective and visually striking portfolio that features the JFK half dollar and the Eisenhower dollar, which is no longer minted. It�s completed with a 1969 �First Man on the Moon� postage stamp.

American Coin Treasures is an ideal and fun place to scour for the best gold coins. Buy them separately or in collections and get your hands on a Liberty Head $20 gold piece or the Indian Head $5 gold piece. We have coins that honor our Armed Forces and celebrate famous Americans.

We also have a nice collection of specialty items, including an interesting penny where the flip side was minted off-center. We carry coin-inspired jewelry and key chains. Even sports fans will find items to pique their tastes.

Ultimately, it doesn�t matter if you�re a beginner, an enthusiast, or an educated collector, American Coin Treasures is an exploratory paradise of historic and valued pieces. It�s a great place to buy gold coins.