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Eagle Land of the Free Men's Tag Pendant Reverse of Washington Quarter Kobe Bryant Mamba Forever 24KT Gold Plated 2 sided Medallion Memorial Necklace | Rope 24 Inch Goldtone Chain | Basketball Tribute to Number 8, 24 Jersey | 1978 -2020 G.O.A.T - FREE SHIPPING FIRST 100 CUSTOMERS! 1800s Indian Cent Arrowhead Men's Pendant
French Franc with Sterling Silver Lock and Key Men's Necklace
Nothing says more about a man or makes more of an impact on first impressions than how he dressed and accessorizes himself. Jewelry is one of the most important aspects to a man's wardrobe and can either enhance or destroy the work a good outfit does. But many incorrectly think a man's jewelry ensemble ends with a wristwatch and cufflinks. The truth is a classy pendant can enhance an outfit for any occasion when chosen and worn correctly.

A male pendant is similar to a necklace but has more content to show off and thus can be more personalized and tailored to certain attire and situations. Pendants come in a variety of forms from small photos to charms or even collectibles such as old coins. All of these pendant items are worn on a necklace chain. That chain is the first part of any men's pendant to consider. The chain should match the pendant item is both material and style. A gold chain on a pure silver pendant will stand out as unbalanced and poorly planned and will immediately clash regardless of the outfit. But matching metals create a formal look that won't attract negative attention. The necklace should also be kept tasteful and underdone. Avoid gaudy thick chains or ones with too many patterns or links. It could take away attention from the important areas. You never want the necklace to overshadow the actual pendant.

Choosing the pendant to wear is the make or break step in putting together jewelry for an outfit. A well-crafted, eye-catching and formal pendant adds class and sophistication to any attire regardless of the situation. Pendants featuring large photos or too many colors or gaudy stones appear to be trying too hard. Instead choose something more simple like a charm or a classic coin framed in precious metal. These objects are small enough to work as a pendant without standing out too much but also provide a unique story to tell for anyone who notices them. Men should also avoid large precious stones on such an easily-seen item as a pendant but small diamonds or other neutral-colored rocks are OK. The choice of metals is as diverse as the choice of pendant. Stainless steel, sterling silver and gold are all popular options so long as they fit the color of the outfit. Once again proper matching is key. It gives a formal touch and shows you put good thought into your attire and accessories and will elevate you above the crowd.