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Indian Head $2.50 Gold Piece
Numismatics appreciates the qualities offered by Indian head coins. While many do not understand the purpose of a coin collecting, they likely have not taken into consideration its many exciting aspects. Those who choose to collect coins add a unique piece of history when they choose to include Indian head contents.

Between 1859-1909, Indian head pennies were produced in the United States. The man behind the idea was James Long acre, and his masterpiece remained in circulation for several years after the final coins were produced. These coins are small and feature the profile of an Indian in full headdress. The detail are fascinating and leave little to the imagination regarding the appearance of the traditional North American Indian.

Once the Indian head coin was no longer accepted as a standard form of payment, people across the country began putting away their coins in collections, and they have since been handed down from generation to generation as a way to keep the past alive and reveal a piece of history to younger generations.

Indian head pennies were quite common during their time in circulation, so they are not particularly rare. In fact, millions of them are in existence. While a lot of these coins are not of particularly high monetary value, there are specific years in which low volumes of the coin were produced, and these rarities such as a gold Indian head coin can value up to $85,000. Therefore, it is very important for potential collectors to research and understand any Indian head coin they possess.

Collecting Indian head coins is a fun challenge. With such a variety to choose from, the hunt for the one that is worth the most money keeps numismatics on their toes. It is not uncommon for a coin collector to come across an unsuspecting seller who does not realize that they are releasing a treasure.

Indian head coins are a fun way to bridge any generation gap. Young and old alike can appreciate the educational experience that comes with discovering, examining and collecting Indian head coins. Through this process, everyone in the family has the chance to learn American history in a unique and fun way.

To pass idle time, managing an Indian head coin collection is a wonderful way to relax. Hours can be passed examining these historical artifacts, and they contain a colorful story. Collectors can find themselves immersed with their collection for hours.

Collecting historic Indian head coins is a fun and engaging pastime for anyone to get involved in. Offering the opportunity to merge fun with education, this hobby offers a chance to learn about the United States´┐Ż rich history in a way few have the chance to experience.