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The Colorized Silver Peace Dollar 1922 Peace Silver Dollar Graded MS62 Peace Dollar Collection P, D, S
Two Decades of Peace Dollars Peace Silver Dollar Collection
Two Decades of Peace Dollars
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Collectors and enthusiasts of classic American coins know full well the importance, elegance and rarity of the peace dollar. This silver coin exists today only in collectible forms as it's lifespan in America was relatively short. But in that short time it became a symbol of great things in the nation's history and has in turn become a must-have collector´┐Żs item for any serious coin collector.

The peace coin is a silver dollar based on the equally important and widely collected Morgan dollar coin. The peace coin was minted for less than two decades as a sort of national symbol. It was commissioned to commemorate the peace that followed World War One and as such features the recognizable national symbols of Lady Liberty on the front and a sitting bald eagle on the back, with the word "peace" emblazoned beneath it. In the eyes of collectors the coin's elegance is matched only by the importance of what it stands for and why it was made.

Not since 1935 has the peace coin been made for circulation and even then only handfuls were ever minted. It is a very rare coin that is best procured through professional licensed collectors agencies. These groups will have the coin available in sets often as untouched or uncirculated versions that show off the beauty in bright, clean silver beneath sealed cases or boxes. These coins are most commonly found in sets of two or three for a single year but collectors willing to spend more money can find sets that include a peace coin from every year it was minted.

Non-traditional collectors also have some options for tastefully showing off a peace coin. Some companies have begun offering the coin in colorized versions. Because of the size of the coin it's designs on both sides are fairly detailed and large. Companies have taken advantage, choosing to delicately paint the designs to create a stunning color image on the coin rather than leaving the pure silver face. These colorized versions of the coin are perfect for showing off not only a collectible item but also craftsmanship of the paint job itself. And those looking to display the coin not on a shelf but rather on them can find plenty of jewelry incorporating the peace coin. Again this is possible because of its size. The dollar coin size is perfect for wearing as a pendant, surrounded by a metal frame and hanging from a matching necklace.

The peace coin is a symbol of the some of the most important times in the development of America. It is a rare, gorgeous coin that saw only a brief period of circulation but that lives on as a must-have item for coin collectors everywhere. Whether wearing jewelry or behind glass it is sure to dazzle and impress coin enthusiasts.