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Selectively Gold-Layered Presidential Seal JFK Half Dollar Goldtone Money Clip Black Enamel Morgan Silver Dollar Belt Buckle JFK Half Dollar Money Clip
Silver Mercury Dime Natural Sunstone Pendant with Crystal Silver Barber Dime Pendant with Amazonite Stone and Crystal Sterling Silver Barber Dime Pendant
Mercury Dime Silvertone Triple Chain Pendant Sacagawea Dollar Pendant in Silvertone Bezel Morgan Dollar Pendant with Silvertone Bezel
Indian Head Penny Pendant with Real Turquoise Beads JFK Half Dollar Goldtone Moneyclip Franklin Silver Half Dollar Goldtone Moneyclip
Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar Goldtone Moneyclip Buffalo Nickel Goldtone Moneyclip 1800's Liberty Nickel Goldtone Moneyclip
Morgan Dollar Replica in Coppertone Pendant 30" Chain 1943 Lincoln Steel Penny Cuff Links Silver Mercury Dime Cuff Links
Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links Silver Barber Dime Goldtone Pendant with Crystals 24" Chain Colorized Angel JFK Half Dollar Silvertone Pendant 24'' Chain
Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links
Our Price: $29.95
Colorized Guardian Angel JFK Half Dollar Spinner Pendant 24" Chain Colorized Wishing Well JFK Half Dollar Spinner Pendant 24" Chain Goldtone Moneyclip with Colorized JFK Half Dollar Santa Coin
Silvertone Moneyclip with Gold-Layered Silver Mercury Dime Silvertone Moneyclip with Gold -Layered 1800's Liberty Nickel Indian Head Penny Silvertone Arrowhead Pendant
Silver Barber Quarter Spinner Pendant Silver Barber Dime Pendant Sterling Silver Toggle Bracelet with Silver Barber Dime
Sterling Silver Toggle Necklace with Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Love & Charms Lincoln Penny Pendant Cut Out Heart Colorized Silver Mercury Dime Keychain
Silver Standing Liberty Quarter Goldtone Pendant Scalloped W/Crystals  (24"Chain) Mercury Dime Goldtone Art Deco Pendant Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Goldtone Pendant with Crystal Bail 24" Chain
Lincoln Wheat-Ear Penny Pendant Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Money Clip Buffalo Nickel Gold Tone Dream Catcher Pendant with Tiger Eye Stone with 24" Chain
Silvertone Moneyclip with Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Layered in Pure Gold Slot Machine Pin/Pendant with Buffalo Nickel Indian Cent in Silvertone Arrowhead Keyring
Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar in Silvertone Bezel Colorized World Peace JFK Half Dollar Keychain Colorized Bicentennial JFK Half Dollar Keychain
Colorized JFK Family Half Dollar Keychain Gold-Layered Buffalo Nickel Silvertone Blossom Pendant 24" Chain Buffalo Nickel Silvertone Blossom Pendant 24" Chain
Mercury Dime Goldtone Heart Pendant Silvertone JFK Half Dollar Money Clip Slot Machine Pin/Pendant with Jefferson Nickel
Lucky Irish Penny Silvertone Wish Bone Pendant Mercury Dime Cross and Wing Coppertone Pendant Sacagawea Brass and Turquoise Pendant
Silver Barber Dime Silvertone Beaded Pendant Sterling Silver Liberty Seated Dime Pendant Large Irish Lucky Penny
Large Irish Lucky Penny
Our Price: $14.95
Selectively Gold-Layered Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Pendant JFK Half Dollar Rope Bezel Pendant JFK Colorized Bicentennial Half Dollar Key Chain
Here at American Coin Treasures we supply coin jewelry of every kind. These coins might be replicas but they are still made of fine quality and look like the real deal. American Coin Treasures offers a variety of items. For menís jewelry they offer items such as cuff links, pocket watches, and money clips. For womenís jewelry they offer a big assortment of pendants, key chains, earrings, and much, much more. These treasures are perfect gifts for any occasion. It can be given as an anniversary gift for your significant other or to your grandchildren for graduation, birthdays, and celebrations. This would be a good gift idea to give to any family member because then you can pass down the passion you have for collecting these fabulous coin items and keep the tradition alive forever.

What you wear can say a lot about yourself. Menís jewelry at American Coin Treasures makes every man look dashing. These items are popular and stylish can be worn for any age range. The Indian Head Penny Silvertone Arrowhead Pendant is a piece that shows character in a person since it is in tribute for the celebration of culture and history of Native American. Another item that is popular would be the Seated Liberty Silver Half Dollar Pocket Watch which is unique in style and design; it has Lady Liberty sitting on a rock. It is known to be interpreted as freedom, perfect to show around for the upcoming declaration of independence, 4th of July.

For womenís jewelry owning one of these pieces makes every woman look sophisticated and intellectual. Some great findís would be the Silver Barber Dime Heart Watch Pendant, beautifully showcased as it is shaped in a heart and incased in the middle is a Barber Dime which makes it a combination of modern, sheik, and classic piece of jewelry. In addition to the pendant, a favorite to customers is the Selectively Gold-Layered Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Pendant, a U.S. Mint Walking Liberty Half Dollar contains approximately over 12 grams of .900 Fine Silver with the lady in 24kt gold. This pendant will wow anyone in the room, and you will be the center of attention with this spectacular jewelry.

You can never go wrong by picking up one of these pieces. Set yourself out from the crowd and show your personality by flashing out these items. These are a steal in price and quality. Donít wait any longer get your coin jewelry item today.